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Stories Of Change

The ultimate measure of our success lies in the stories of our borrowers—the individuals and businesses who have partnered with Craft3 to improve their own circumstances, and help us strengthen the resilience of Pacific Northwest communities. We are proud to have literally hundreds of success stories among our borrowers. Here are several that best depict the great work Craft3 borrowers can accomplish with the right financial partner.  

CPoW Livestock Processors Cooperative Association (Odessa, Washington)

by Jennifer Janda | Jun 01, 2012

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CPoW Livestock Processors Cooperative AssociationCattle Producers of Washington (CPoW) is an independent membership organization that focuses on the success of the cattle producer. To better serve its members, CPoW formed a new producer-controlled cooperative association to provide livestock processing services.

CPoW Livestock Processors Cooperative Association opened a new livestock processing plant in Odessa, creating 13 jobs. It provides local ranchers with an alternative to out-of-state processing and long-distance shipping. The plant is centrally located, giving producers easy access to I-90.

Craft3 provided CPoW Livestock Processors Cooperative Association with a Small Business Credit Initiative Loan to purchase processing line equipment, fixtures and holding pens. This loan was made possible with capital from Washington State Department of Commerce to make loans to businesses unable to access traditional sources of capital.

Strengthening Resilience
Craft3’s investment in CPoW Livestock Processors Cooperative Association creates rural competitiveness by linking regional economic centers to global markets, strengthening economic resilience.

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Odessa, Washington