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Is a Craft3 Loan Right For You?

Craft3 provides a wide variety of loans to individuals and businesses, throughout Oregon and Washington, ranging in size from $1,500 to $15 million. 

Are we a fit to work together?

We are proud to say we make one heck of a good financial partner; but, we know we're not right for everyone. 

A Craft3 loan may be the ideal option for you if:

  • Your project is in Oregon or Washington.
  • You are a homeowner looking to finance an energy-efficiency upgrade or septic system replacement.
  • You have already tried to seek conventional financing, or believe you are not eligible for traditional financing. We help those who cannot get traditional financing (or enough of it) and help them become financeable in the future.
  • You truly believe you can impact your own circumstances. Craft3 borrowers—whether they are repairing their septic system to improve their living conditions, or starting a new business—have an inherent belief that they can change their own circumstances. 
  • You want a hands-on financial partner. At Craft3, we are unlike most traditional financial institutions. Our approach is to be an ongoing advocate of your business, staying in close touch with you and offering you our expertise wherever we can.

Think we're a good fit? Learn more about our loans or apply now!

You may not be a good fit for Craft3 if you:

  • Seek a loan to support gambling, pyramid sales, cultivation/processing/sale of marijuana or anything deemed illegal.
  • Are not current on child support obligations.
  • Have been debarred from doing business with the government. 
  • Have been convicted of certain crimes:
    • Financial fraud or embezzlement  
    • Sexual assault of a minor