Stan Amy

Stan is president of New Villages Group, Ltd., a small family fund that invests capital and time in mission-balanced endeavors. Its focus is on the natural products industry, adaptive reuse of neighborhood retail and mixed-use real estate, and small business finance.

He has been a Craft3 Director since 2000 and brings expertise in management, small business and fund, economic and community development to the board.

Stan’s experience has been focused in three areas:

  • Housing and Urban Development:
    • Assistant to Portland City Commissioner with Planning and Public Works
    • Vice Chair of Portland Planning Commission
  • Community Development Finance:
    • Board Member, Craft3
    • Board Member, ShoreBank Corporation of Chicago
    • Board Member, ShoreBank Pacific
  • Consumer Empowerment:
    • Co-Founder and President, Portland Student Services (now College Housing Northwest)
    • President, Nature’s Fresh Northwest
    • Co-Founder and Board Chair, New Seasons Market