Chris Larson, VP

Chris Larson joined Craft3 in 2018 and is Innovation and Evaluation Program Manager. He is responsible for broadening and deepening Craft3’s regional impact by guiding the design, development and management of innovation and evaluation processes that lead to new growth opportunities for the organization as well as new opportunities for organizational learning.

Prior to joining Craft3, Chris spent over a decade helping organizations develop, articulate, fund, and grow their new ventures. His work spanned across multiple industries including Community Development. Chris conducted the initial market assessment and wrote the launch plan for what is now known as Craft3’s Clean Water Loan. He also co-authored a business plan to support the successful seed capital raise of $15.5 million in debt and equity for a new financial institution aiming to serve under-resourced communities in Appalachia.

Before founding a consulting firm, Chris spent 15 years in mid to large-sized companies leading large project teams, directing new product development, and managing product marketing. He helped start several new ventures inside those companies and one stand-alone startup. 

Chris holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and a BA in Geology from Carleton College. Originally from Montana, Chris now resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children.