Laura Meza, AVP

Laura Meza joined Craft3 in August of 2016 and currently holds the position of Consumer Credit Risk Specialist. Laura supports the Craft3 Consumer Lending business unit by working closely with borrowers and both internal and external partners to ensure proper repayment and servicing of existing Craft3 loans. In particular, Laura strives to maintain excellence in the business unit's asset quality while delivering a high degree of flexibility to borrowers with special financial needs.

Prior to joining Craft3, Laura pursued a career in the medical field. But having two young boys at home, she decided to fully immerse into the joy of staying at home during their younger years. 

Laura started out as a Temp and quickly realized Craft3’s mission aligned perfectly with her ideals. Laura couldn’t resist passing up the opportunity to join a team who encourages family, ecological, and economical resilience in our communities.