Mark Stevenson, EVP

Mark Stevenson joined Craft3 as Chief Financial Officer in February 2018. In this role he provides oversight of the Finance Team, contributes to resource development and oversees enterprise wide compliance and risk management. Mark is also a staff member of the Board Credit Committee and the Finance and Audit Committees of the Board where he offers oversight on treasury, investment management and companywide budget, and for which he secures and oversees independent portfolio and financial audits and reviews audit reports.

Stevenson has over 35 years of experience in commercial banking, debt capital markets, risk management, regulatory compliance, corporate and structured finance, asset and liability and financial management, and treasury. He was an executive at Pacific Continental Bank, leading the bank’s nonprofit banking and sustainability initiatives.Prior to Pacific Continental, Mark worked for several regional, national and investment banks, with over 30 years in the industry.  Mark received his BA from Stanford University. He currently serves on several boards and committees including Craft3, Oregon Business Association’s Health Policy Committee, Kompanion and I Have a Dream Foundation.