Ken Thomas, VP

Ken joined Craft3 in June of 2014 and is the Underwriting Team Manager where he utilizes nearly two decades of capital markets experience, working in unison with the Craft3 lending team.

Prior to joining Craft3, Ken worked as an analyst and portfolio manager within the capital markets focusing on underfollowed, small and micro-capitalization equities. He employed fundamental analysis techniques conducting management interviews, financial statement analysis and modeling focusing on a company’s financials, cash flow generating capabilities and strength of the balance sheet to manage idea generation, buy/sell/hold recommendations, position size and sector weightings for a portfolio of 40-50 stocks. During the time he managed equity portfolios, Ken more than doubled the benchmarks performance by maintaining a successful long-term, low-turnover approach emphasizing a bottoms up growth at a reasonable price approach while balancing an awareness of top down sector strategies. 

Ken received a Bachelor of Science double degree from Portland State University in Finance and Management.