Laura Meza, AVP

Laura Meza joined Craft3 in 2016 and is a Consumer Loan Closing Specialist. Prior to this role, she was a Consumer Credit Risk Specialist and formed part of the Consumer loss mitigation team. She was the first hire dedicated to that work in the Consumer Lending Department and spent her first 4 years defining processes and growing that role into an essential position at Craft3. In the spirit of following her dedication to data integrity and process improvement she has found a new home as the Consumer Loan Closing Specialist. With this change, she will have the opportunity to continue growing and defining a newer role as she did with her first title.

Prior to joining Craft3, Laura immersed herself in the joy of staying at home with her two sons during their younger years. She is a Long Beach, Wash. native and finds it a blessing to be able to raise her family in the same place where she grew up. Laura has seen and experienced all the changes and challenges the peninsula and Lower Columbia have gone through, but they are still standing tall and that is what she wants her children to know and to be, resilient. This is the most special takeaway that working at Craft3 has taught her, how important and impactful the mission to resilience is.