CBC Completes Rebranding of Enterprise Cascadia to Craft3

By: Jeff Stephens - Mar 29, 2012
Source: Creative Brand Communications

Financial branding consultant publishes case study about its brand strategy for the CDFI
Creative Brand Communications (CBC) announced that it has completed its rebranding engagement for Craft3, the non-profit community development financial institution (CDFI) formerly known as Enterprise Cascadia.
CBC’s work included guiding Enterprise Cascadia through the process of brand discovery, using CBC’s proven Find the Story process. To reflect this newly discovered brand story, CBC developed a new name and identity—Craft3–for the organization, and created strategies and materials for communicating this story powerfully to its market and key audiences, including design and content for both a new website and collateral materials. Last but not least, CBC also led the staff in elements of training around the refined brand story, to ensure all team actions and behaviors demonstrated the brand story experientially.

“Craft3′s complex business model, added to consumers’ lack of knowledge about CDFI’s, presented a huge branding challenge,” said Jeff Stephens, CBC’s founder and CEO. “Their team was among the most open-minded and forward-thinking organizations CBC has worked with, and their willingness to embrace the Finding, Telling and Proving the Story philosophy was a huge factor in the success of their branding initiative.”

John Berdes, Craft3 President and CEO, added, “CBC listened carefully before they said much at all, and then they helped us recognize ourselves in the results of their work with us.  They got us outside our old box and helped us get comfortable, even passionate, about who we are today.”

CBC has published an online case study detailing its work rebranding Enterprise Cascadia as Craft3.  To learn more about the background of the financial brand consulting project, and the process and outcome of the rebranding initiative, please visit www.creative-brand.com.

Founded in 1995, Craft3 is one of the nation’s leading community development financial institutions. The organization is based in Ilwaco, Washington, and has offices throughout Oregon and Washington. Learn more at www.craft3.org.
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