Seaside Brewing Company Creates Jobs

By: - Sep 13, 2012
Source: Create Jobs for USA

Drawing on their expertise in catering and brew pub management, Jimmy Griffin and Vince Berg envisioned opening a small brewery in Seaside, Oregon. They were determined to differentiate their business from those in nearby Portland by capturing the essence of the small beach town’s north coast beer culture. They selected a 4,400 square foot, 98-year old building at the intersection of the two main tourist routes in Seaside, which had its roof blown off in 2009 by a windstorm and stood empty and dilapidated since. With the location set, they approached Craft3 for a loan to build out and open Seaside Brewing Company. 

The loan from Craft3 provided Jimmy and Vince with needed financing to complete renovations and buy equipment for their brewpub. To maintain the historic look/feel of the space and area, they restored the pub using all reclaimed woods and repurposed the old brick from the original building. The opening of this local business has spurred job creation and tourism—the brewpub’s opening created 19 full-time jobs and brought new revenue to an area of town that desperately needed it.