Meet the 40 under 40: Craft3's Adam Zimmerman

By: Andy Giegerich - Feb 01, 2013
Source: Portland Business Journal
Zimmerman toted a hammer, which he rescued from his late grandfather's tool bench, to his 40u40 video and photo shoot. It's both his household hammer as well as a symbol for the way Craft3, a financial institution that lends to small businesses and nonprofits, "puts stuff together," as Zimmerman put it.

If Zimmerman's life is anything like his 3:30 segment, his story is documentary-worthy. In the segment, he talks of a kindly city employee in Myrtle Point named Bud Schmidt who showed him the management ropes. His business and personal philosophy is that, well, sometimes, you just need to leave things behind. And during his spare time, he takes his kids to a music class that requires heavy parent participation.

"It's about dropping your inhibitions, singing, dancing and being silly," Zimmerman says in the video below.