Wild Rivers Coast Heritage Land Trust purchases McGribble Tract

By: Wild Rivers Land Trust - Feb 19, 2014
Source: Curry County Reporter

Wild Rivers Land Trust, a local nonprofit organization specializing in voluntary conservation of working forests, farms and ranches, has announced the acquisition of McGribble Tract from Roseburg Resources Company.

Led by the Land Trust’s Executive Director, Jerry Becker, and nearly three years in the making, the acquisition of this 217-acre Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest inholding was made possible by the dedicated teamwork of Mark Wall (Roseburg Resources), Jim Seeley (Wild Rivers Coast Alliance), and Brad Hunter (Craft3/Conservation Bridge Fund).

Wild Rivers Land Trust purchased the property to safeguard native forest, endangered species, and the confluence of Bald Mountain Creek and Bear Creek. A snorkel survey of the parcel’s 1.5 stream-miles revealed the property produces in excess of 1000 juvenile steelhead annually. In addition, the tract’s steep hillsides provide habitat for innumerable indigenous animals, including marbled murrelets, elusive, endangered seabirds that nest high in coastal old-growth forests.

The Land Trust has renamed the parcel the Bear Creek Natural Area.

Becker, who wants the clean, cold water carried by these mountain streams to enhance water-quality for all downstream uses in perpetuity, says, “Everyone loves their watershed; and I’m especially delighted when we find another opportunity to strengthen ecological resilience in Elk River watershed.”

Readers can expect future notices concerning Bear Creek Natural Area, as the Land Trust plans to host tours and fundraisers to help pay for the property.

About Wild Rivers Coast Heritage Land Trust: Wild Rivers Land Trust helps safeguard a way-of-life that American’s cherish. Founded in 2000, the nonprofit organization works with landowners choosing to voluntarily protect their working lands and the exceptional places that make Oregon’s Wild Rivers Coast unique.

Roseburg Resources manages approximately 625,000 acres of timberland in California and southern Oregon. The company has more than a dozen manufacturing facilities in the Northwest and Southeastern US.