Loans available for septic replacement or repair

By: KONP staff - Aug 25, 2015
Source: Newsradio KONP
Clallam County residents with septic systems that need replacing or repair may have some help to fix those systems in the way of an affordable loan.

“Craft3”, a non-profit community development financial institution, has offered an inclusive, affordable Clean Water Loan to cover the costs of designing, permitting, installing and maintaining residential and commercial septic systems.

Sixteen of those loans have been issued in Clallam County.

Janine Reed, an Environmental Health Specialist with Clallam County, told Newsradio KONP that the exact number of septic systems that need repair is hard to pin down.

She says that they are in the process of updating their records.

“Craft3” has been partnering with Clallam County Health and Human Services to expand the Clean Water Loan.

Since 2011, more than 307-thousand dollars has been lent to property owners in Clallam County.

Half of the loan recipients were low income. Besides just repair or replacement, the loan offers homeowners funds to cover the ongoing inspections, maintenance and repairs that ensure systems continue to work once installed.

To hear the radio interview, click here on KONP.

To learn more about the Clean Water Loan or to apply, you can visit the “Craft3” website.