Hugo Garcia speaks with Jaime Mendez

By: Jaime Mendez - Oct 22, 2018
Source: Univision Seattle

Hugo Garcia, Special Asset & Business Outreach Specialist, talks with Jaime Mendez on Univision Seattle about Craft3, small business loans to entrepreneurs throughout Washington and his work in south King County with Startzone Latino at Highline College:

"We are a nonprofit organization called Craft3. We make small business loans to those that are starting up and growing their small businesses. For example, we have financed daycares in Burien and onion farms in Walla Walla. We provide financing all around the state. I focus, along with StartZone, on South King County finding opportunities where we can provide loans of $25K to $100K to entrepreneurs that are looking to start up or grow their business. We can provide loans to those with ITINs and also to other non-profits."