ADU Loans

Loans for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

If you live in Portland, Craft3 can help finance the construction of your detached or attached-Accessory Dwelling Unit - also known as a mother-in-law or backyard cottage.

If you’re looking for ADU financing, click the 'I Want Financing' button below. We'll be in-touch within two business days.

And in the coming months, we hope to expand our ADU Loan beyond Portland. So if you’re living elsewhere in Oregon or in Washington state - we’d still love to grab your info. We’ll keep you in the loop about our activities and use your interest to inform where and when we expand next. Use the same 'I Want Financing’ button.

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How it works*
  1. Develop a project with your builder
  2. Discuss your project with Craft3; get started using the 'I Want Financing' button above
  3. Complete a loan application
  4. Submit your documents
  5. Receive a decision and finalize the design of your project
  6. Sign your loan documents
  7. Build your ADU
  8. Repay through your bank account
Current Rates & Terms*

Special terms and pilot-specific restrictions may apply.

Annual Household Income APR Examples
At or Above 100 percent
Portland Area Median Income (AMI)
6.49% (6.68% APR) $130,000 loan amount,
$984 for 240 months
Below 100 percent
Portland AMI
5.49% (5.68% APR) $130,000 loan amount,
$908 for 240 months
APR, Annual Percentage Rate

*Loan availability, terms and conditions current as of 11/15/19 and are subject to change. One percent origination fee of loan amount and appraisal costs apply. Property insurance required. Flood insurance may be required. All loan applications are subject to credit, property and project approval. Examples and APR includes the approximate cost of prepaid finance charges, including a $1,300 origination fee and third-party costs of $700. Actual APRs for individual loans may differ. Portland AMI (Area Median Income) as defined by City of Portland

Dweller, a builder of Accessory Dwelling Units located in Portland, and Craft3 have a business relationship. Selecting Dweller as your ADU builder has no bearing on our credit decision for your loan request.