ADU Loans

Loans for Accessory Dwelling Units


Craft3 is enthusiastic about the many benefits of ADUs and proud to offer hard-to-find financing. ADUs can build wealth, create in-fill housing, reduce displacement, and enhance neighborhood resilience. We have two affordable and convenient ADU loans, giving you options for investing in your property and your community. Both loans are available in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties, Oregon.

Small but powerful, ADUs can:

Hand Money

Create needed housing

ADUs can be part of the solution to our housing crisis, especially when rented out as affordable housing.

Generate future income

While you’ll need to plan for construction and ongoing maintenance costs, an ADU can provide ongoing income.


House family and friends

An ADU gives your loved ones their own space, close to you. An ADU can also let you age in place.

Increase your property value

An ADU can be a valuable asset and increase the value of your home.

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We offer two different ADU Loans

Craft3 ADU Loan

Craft3 offers loans for attached or detached ADUs. In most cases, our ADU loans require no down payment, can finance the entire cost of a project, and reduced rates are available for qualified lower-income applicants.

Very few banks or credit unions offer ADU loans and those that do typically require greater equity, more substantial down payments or have strict requirements on how the completed unit is used. Learn more about Craft3’s ADU Loan.

BackHome ADU Loan

Craft3 is pleased to be the exclusive financing partner of BackHome ADU, a nonprofit dedicated to confronting the affordable housing crisis, one backyard at a time. Through this program, borrowers receive a subsidized interest rate on their ADU loan, in exchange for renting the unit to a tenant earning 80% or less of the area median income for 8 years.

BackHome ADU streamlines the process for homeowners by partnering with builders and a property management company that can take care of renting your ADU. Craft3 handles the financing. Learn more about Craft3’s BackHome ADU Loan.