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Financing Your Business with a Loan over $250,000


Our financing helps businesses startup and grow. We’re committed to helping you succeed, and to forming long-term partnerships with our customers. 

Rather than selling you a loan you don’t need or can’t afford, we take the time to get to know you and your business. We make sure we understand the opportunity, the risks, and how you’ll repay the loan.   

As a non-profit, mission-driven lender, we’re different. We specialize in working with businesses that can’t access traditional bank financing. We’re also able to provide financing for nonprofits, including bridge financing for capital campaigns and financing for real estate purchase.

Simple loans and honest advice

Our lending team works closely with entrepreneurs, providing support at all stages of the business journey. We’ll give you straightforward answers about your prospects for approval and tell you what we’ll need to close your loan. If your books aren’t in perfect order, we can even help you get organized for underwriting.

Flexible projections-based debt financing to help you succeed
Specialized terms to match your needs
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High loan-to-value financing available


Not sure if you're ready to apply? We can help!



Getting Loan Ready Toolkit

Download this toolkit to help you determine whether you’re ready to apply for a loan and if you are, learn what to expect and how to prepare to talk to a lender.

Business Resources Webpage

We support entrepreneurs at all stages of the business journey and offer resources to help you learn, grown, and better understand your financing options.

Rates and Terms*

Loan Size

From $250,000 up to $10,000,000


Fixed rates from 7.00% to 10.99%


Loan origination fee of 2% of loan total plus closing costs
--Fees for non-profits are 1% plus closing costs--

Closing Costs

$650 plus any 3rd party fees for appraisal, legal, etc.


3 to 7 years, longer amortizations are possible

Repayment Terms

Normal principal and interest payments each month. Interest-only payments are possible for first 3 months


Obtaining a business loan is more involved than taking out a home mortgage. At Craft3, we support entrepreneurs every step of the way. Below you can see the main steps in the process.
apply online
Introduce Your Business
Complete a brief online form to help us learn about you and your business. We can then determine whether Craft3 financing might be a good fit for you.
Talk with our Lending Team
If it looks like a potential fit, a Craft3 lender will reach out to talk about your intake form and determine whether we can proceed. At this stage, topics of discussion may include: your business plan, uses of funds, projections, and collateral. Put simply, we want to learn who are you, what you want to do with the funds and how will you pay the loan back.
submit application
Work with one of our lenders to complete and submit your full loan application package.
Application Review
We’ll review your full application package and give your request the careful attention it deserves. The review process usually takes 1-2 weeks, although sometimes it can be longer.
review process
Funding Decision
You’ll receive a decision from us and, if you receive a conditional approval, we’ll tell you what closing conditions are required to close your loan.
Hand Money
When closing conditions are met, we disburse the funds.
Repay your loan with automated payments from your bank account.