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Starting and growing a business is challenging and the business journey is often full of twists and turns, with multiple milestones and potential setbacks. We’re committed to helping you succeed, and we aim to form long-term partnerships with the entrepreneurs we serve. We focus on lending, but we strive to support entrepreneurs throughout their business journey.

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While the process and the order of the steps can vary depending on your business and your situation, applying for a loan is rarely one of the very first steps and it’s also never the last step.

The resources below can help you get loan ready, generate projections, make sense of finance and business terms and more. 

Downloadable Resources: 

  • Getting Loan Ready Toolkit: Getting loan ready can be daunting and mysterious, but it doesn’t need to be. This toolkit guides you through the process. It can help you determine if a loan is a good fit for your business, given your needs and where you are in your business journey. It also includes tools to help you prepare to talk with a lender and get your application documents in order. 

  • Glossary of Finance and Business Terms: Make sense of specialized finance and business terms.

  • Your Business Journey: Get an overview of steps in the business journey along with questions to help you plan.

  • Debt Financing Options: Compare financing options to better understand the tradeoffs and differences.

Online Resources: 

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