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Craft3 provides loans in Oregon and Washington to finance businesses including those in start-up and expansion phases. Our loans range in complexity and size, from $25,000 to $5 million. Craft3 participates in USDA and SBA loan guarantee programs.

To make working with Craft3 easier, we have provided information about who to refer and how to help your clients use our online application. Just like you, our goal is to make sure a business finds the right financing - not just any financing. Is there is other information that would be helpful to you? Please let us know in an email!
Who should I refer?
Refer a business you believe can be successful and is a least one of the following:
  • A growing business or start-up that makes a positive impact on its community
  • Entrepreneur of color
  • Woman-, immigrant- or veteran-owned business
  • Business owned by a member of a Native American tribe, located on tribal lands or tribal enterprise
  • Business unable to access traditional financing due to insufficient collateral, current or historical credit issues and has cash flow sufficient to repay the loan based on projections rather than historic performance 
  • Business that creates or retains jobs
  • Nonprofit organization that currently provides essential human services

See real-world success stories of the types of businesses we finance.

Why should a bank or credit union work with Craft3?

Craft3 does not take deposits, hold accounts and is not regulated by the FDIC. You can maintain deposit and fee revenue relationships with the client while they have a loan from Craft3. Because we work with higher-risk borrowers unable to obtain traditional financing, we do not compete with you. In fact, Craft3 can complement your effort to retain business relationships. We may be able to finance your clients until they are rehabilitated and ready to qualify for your loans. Our specialized staff can craft flexible loan structures and manage higher-risk loans.

As bank or credit union, you should contact Craft3 if:
  • You can only fund a portion of the loan. Craft3 often participates to fill a gap in financing; or
  • You are unable to provide a financing solution due to your institutions regulated credit policies.
Should my client apply online?

Yes. To speed the business loan process, we ask that all applicants use our online intake form. Applying online enables Craft3 to process loan requests quickly and determine if our products are right for your client. See the Loan Application Guide for more details. 

Craft3 is always available to answer questions or provide advice but please direct your clients to use our online tools as the first step in contacting us. We customize the loan review and approval process to each situation and need.

NOTE: If your client is in an emergency situation where a rapid or overnight response is required, it is unlikely that Craft3 will be able to assist them.

The application process is broken down into three steps:

  1. Pre-screening (10-15 minutes to complete) – Our intake form provides the minimum information needed to help us understand the business, loan request and financial condition.
  2. Craft3 Review (up to 7 days for notification) – Our intake team will review the loan request and contact the applicant with next steps to a) invite a full loan application, b) ask for clarifying information about the business or loan request or c) let them know our products do not fit their needs.
  3. Full application (30 minutes to complete; 30 days to approval after a complete application is received) – After being invited to complete an application and depending upon the pace at which the applicant provides additional information, Craft3 can usually get to an approval within 30 days after a complete application packet is received and close the loan within an additional 5 days.
What happens if Craft3 can’t help?

In some cases, a loan just may not fit our criteria or underwriting standards. We will generally do our best to refer your client to other resources which may improve their ability to gain Craft3 financing. This can include a microlender or technical assistance provider.

Should my client schedule an in-person meeting with a Craft3 lender?

Not yet. We prefer prospective clients to submit an online application prior to meeting in-person with a lender. Once our loan intake specialist has determined if a client might be a good fit, a lender will contact the prospective client to arrange an in-person meeting or site visit.

I would like to know more about the Craft3 lending team? What sort of experience do they have?

Learn more about our lenders by selecting the Commercial Lending Team department. We have at least one lender in each of our regions – and in some cases, several.

How can I stay updated on Craft3 loan products and services?

Sign-up for updates from our team and select how frequently you receive our updates; monthly, quarterly or annually.

Who can I contact if I have a quick question about if you can help my client?

If you have a direct relationship with a Craft3 employee, please do not hesitate to reach out to them with questions or referrals. Our personal relationships are the most important part of our business network.

Otherwise, please contact our Commercial Loan Intake Specialist, Norma Hernandez at or 888-231-2170 ext 216.