Conservation Loans

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Loans to protect habitat and ensure clean water

Craft3 maintains expertise in lending to conservation projects throughout Oregon and Washington. In 2012, with generous support from Meyer Memorial Trust, Craft3 established the Conservation Bridge fund to offer loans to nonprofit conservation organizations, municipalities and private landowners to acquire sensitive lands, restore habitat and protect water quality.


Craft3 has delivered more than $16 million in financing for conservation projects, including:

  • gap financing for conservation of urban working farmland
  • bridge financing to purchase high-value forestland and riparian area
  • purchase of 110 acres to protect rare white-oak Ponderosa pine habitat

Craft3 offers conservation loans throughout Oregon and Washington.

The Conservation Bridge Fund (CBF) is focused on projects in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Under the CBF, Craft3 is able to offer loans for:

  • Acquisition of land, water rights or conservation easements
  • Projects that include restoration work ahead of anticipated permanent funding
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