Land Conservation Loans

Rebate advances to RainWise Contractors

Craft3 provides pre-construction rebate advances to RainWise Contractors for green infrastructure projects with pre-approved Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) or King County rebates. This program expands access to the RainWise program by enabling contractors to work with clients who cannot pay upfront for the work.

  • Contractors: The RainWise Access Loan Program is available to RainWise Contractors who are licensed, have completed all required program trainings and are in good standing
  • Projects: RainWise projects in which the project has pre-qualified to receive a utility rebate
How it Works
  • Complete and sign the one-time application, term sheet and loan documents with Craft3
  • With the homeowner, finalize design plan and contract, fill out Rebate Assignment Option form and receive approved pre-construction inspection sheet from SPU/King County
  • Request 50% of rebate up-front and receive electronic payment from Craft3
  • Upon project completion and homeowner approval, the utility conducts final inspection and verifies the rebate amount
  • Craft3 disburses the remaining rebate amount and charges applicable loan fees to the contractor
  • Utility disburses rebate directly to Craft3
  • 0% interest rate on the outstanding loan balance
  • A fee of 2.45% is charged per disbursement to help cover Craft3 expenses