Community Facility Loans

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Working for Community

Whether you’re an early learning center, food bank or cultural center, we know that traditional finance isn’t always the right fit for a community-driven facility. 

That’s where we come in. When you work with Craft3, you benefit from the expertise of the largest regional loan fund that invests in community facilities like yours.

How we work for you

Commercial Real Estate

Purchase, retrofit or improve real estate.

Project Financing

Commercial construction, gap and bridge financing and term loans.


Purchase or rehabilitation of equipment.

We can do Community Facility Loans for a variety of other purposes, such as working capital or debt restructuring, so please feel free to inquire further with us.

Rates and Terms

Loan Size

Typically, $25,000 to $3,000,000, although we can do smaller or larger loans in certain situations by utilizing a USDA Loan Guarantee


Fixed rates starting at 6.00%


2 percent plus closing costs
1 percent plus closing costs for nonprofits


3 to 7 years - longer amortizations are possible

Repayment frequency

Case-by-case, though we’ve made loans with:

  • Normal principal and interest payments
  • Interest-only payments during a start-up period
  • Fully-deferred start of all principal and interest payments
  • Revenue-based payment

Interest Type


Security / Guarantees


We offer both secured and unsecured loans. In many cases, we will require a personal guarantee from you or a guarantor.

For some loans, Craft3 may opt to utilize the USDA Business & Industry and SBA Community Advantage loan guarantee programs.