Privacy Policy

As a client or borrower of Craft3 your personal and company information is held in strict confidence. Craft3 limits access to borrower and client records to its own employees who manage the credits or accounts, those performing regulatory/oversight functions, and subcontractors who have signed confidentiality agreements. We will not publicly disclose information without your permission.

Craft3 is sensitive about the confidentiality of clients information and uses a firewall and network security policies to make sure there is no unauthorized access to electronic files. Working papers and other sensitive documents that are not kept in secure files are shredded. See our Craft3 Privacy Disclosure below for full details.

Please contact Craft3 Corporate Secretary, Sheri Rabago if you ever have concerns about privacy issues.

Sheri Rabago
888-231-2170 ext 514
360-456-1031 Confidential Fax

Craft3 Privacy Disclosure

Craft3 Privacy Disclosure