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Clean Water Loans

To finance the repair or replacement of failing septic systems for families across Oregon and Washington. Learn more.


Home Energy Loans

To finance home improvements that save energy and money with convenient repayment on your utility bill. Learn more.


ADU Loan

Accessory Dwelling Unit Loans

To finance the construction an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or secondary housing unit. Learn more.



Ada Developers Loans

To finance up-front costs for the transition to Ada Developers Academy plus living expense during the instruction session. Learn more.



Business Loans

To finance business start-up and expansion, including loans for food, agriculture and clean technology projects.



Community Facility and Nonprofit Loans

For creative financing, technical assistance, and experience leveraging additional investments. Learn more.


Loans in Indian Country

Loans in Indian Country

To finance Tribal enterprises, large and small. Learn more.



Land Conservation Loans

To finance projects that protect habitat and ensure clean water. Learn more.