finance a new energy-efficient home

Manufactured Home Replacement Loans

Finance the replacement of your aging manufactured home.

Financial Assistance to Replace Your Aging Manufactured Home

Financing to Fit

Funds can be used for removal, site-prep, new home purchase, delivery, and installation. Perfect credit not required.

Simple Terms

No upfront fees and no pre-payment penalties. Fixed interest rates, with no rate increases for lower credit scores.

Utility Incentives

Utility incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon minimize out-of-pocket costs.


Pilot Program

As manufactured homes age, they lose value and it can be hard for residents to find the resources they need to purchase a new home. Our pilot program, in partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon, helps homeowners purchase new manufactured homes that are healthier, safer, and more energy-efficient.


Rates & Terms

Interest Rate
5.49% (5.67% APR*)
$50,000 loan amount at 5.67% APR.  
240 payments of $348.82 per month.

*APR, Annual Percentage Rate
Maximum amount financed is subject to project costs, equity value and Craft3’s credit and underwriting requirements. Loan availability, terms and conditions current as of 1/1/23 and are subject to change. Examples include financing $750 Craft3 loan fee. Property insurance required. Flood insurance may be required. All loan applications are subject to credit, property and project approval.


Financing Your Manufactured Home Replacement with Craft3

Craft3 supports homeowners every step of the way.

  • Qualify for the Manufactured Home Replacement Pilot by contacting Energy Trust of Oregon at [email protected].
  • Provide your contact information using the form below. We'll contact you to discuss the loan product and process.
  • Complete your loan application online. Paper applications are available upon request.
  • Receive a decision and finalize your project plan.
  • Sign your loan documents.
  • Install your new manufactured home.
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Customer Stories

Replacing an Aging Manufactured Home

“I knew my quality of life would go way up when I made this decision. A new, warm and energy-efficient place to live just sounded awesome.”

Pay it ForwArd

Our Lending Model

When you repay your loan, we use that money to make other loans. This allows us to serve more homeowners. Over time, this makes a big difference for communities, local economies, and the environment.

Our Team

“We view people through an equity lens when we underwrite loans. We are committed to providing people with opportunities to create financial stability and build wealth.”

Tawny Reader
Consumer Lending Team Manager, VP