November 6, 2019


Hines, Oregon


Chuck Eggert has opened a facility designed to be adaptable and operational year-round with alfalfa processed in the summer and wood pellets in the winter.
Chuck Eggert has been a food and agriculture entrepreneur for over 30 years. He founded both New Seasons Market and Pacific Foods, and continues to run several vertically integrated organic farms, dairies and processing facilities.

But Chuck is interested in far more than making money. He is interested in revitalizing the rural agricultural economy by helping family-owned farms compete against larger producers. That’s why he purchased an abandoned 1930’s sawmill in Hines. But how does this support the rural agricultural economy?

Typically, small organic alfalfa growers in Eastern Oregon struggle to sell their product because local distribution infrastructure supports the larger producers. So, Chuck created a new market for alfalfa. The 220,000-square-foot facility has been converted to process alfalfa sourced from small local farms — including his own — into feed pellets.

The facility is designed to be adaptable and operational all year. Alfalfa will be processed in the summer and wood pellets in the winter, creating year-round work for its 18 employees. That’s a win-win for the local farming and timber industries.

Craft3 began its partnership with Chuck in 2007 when it financed the organic dairy conversion at Rock Ridge Farm. We’re excited to support Chuck'ss recent effort to build the rural agriculture economy in Harney County.