December 1, 2016

Cascadia Vehicle Tents

Bend, Oregon

Cascadia Vehicle Tents

Craft3 was able to provide a Cascadia Vehicle Tents with a loan to purchase inventory and to open a new retail location in Bend.

Even if you enjoy the outdoors, you’re probably not fond of putting up a tent when the ground is uninviting or campgrounds unavailable. That’s why Jamie Rose opened Cascadia Vehicle Tents with her husband Bobby in 2011.

Their solution was a special rooftop tent that attaches to the existing racks of your vehicle. The tents serve as an alternative to classic tent camping by allowing you to place a tent and bedding directly on top of your vehicle — above mud, rocks and dirt, and away from animals. Suddenly, camp could be where you park, without the hassle of pulling along a travel-trailer! 

The opportunity to start Cascadia Vehicle Tents came to Jamie and Bobby at a time when their careers were being affected by the Central Oregon economy. With the economy at a downturn, campers like Jamie and Bobby were looking to create a combination of their passions for business, family and the outdoors. And with a price point well below that of travel- trailers, rooftop tents were — and still are — a cost-effective solution.

As hard work turned into success, orders started piling up from across the country. While this was great for their growing business, it made it challenging to maintain the inventory needed to fill orders. Jamie sought financing from traditional sources, but banks weren’t willing to take a chance on such a new concept, especially given the economic climate. Then, their banker connected them with Craft3.

We took a look, and we liked what we saw: a strong business concept, thoughtful management and good demand. But the financing wasn’t there to make it to the next level. Craft was able to partner with Cascadia Vehicle Tents for working capital to purchase inventory and to open a new retail location in Bend. 

Jamie and Bobby’s vision is why we do what we do. Entrepreneurs around Oregon and Washington have great ideas, but not always the financial resources to see them come to fruition. That’s where we come in. We’re proud that with our help and that of others, Cascadia Vehicle Tents has grown to be one of the largest retailers of rooftop tents in the world, doubling in sales each year.