September 24, 2012

CB’s Nuts

Kingston, Washington

CB’s Nuts

Loans from Craft3 have given CB's Nuts owners Clark and Tami Bowen the opportunity to grow their small business and establish a certified organic processing facility for their nuts and nut butters.

Clark Bowen first tasted freshly roasted peanuts at Baltimore’s Camden Yards. He enjoyed them so much, he returned home to learn the craft of perfectly roasted nuts. Clark focused on roasting peanuts and other nuts in small batches, emphasizing high quality and low environmental impact.

Today, he and his wife Tami own and operate CB’s Nuts, a certified organic processing facility. A variety of nuts grown by hardworking farmers across the United States are brined using a specially developed process. CB’s then uses custom made barrel roasters to bring out the nuts’ unique flavor. Products such as CB’s Nuts peanuts, pistachios and self-grind peanut butter are available in stores throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Craft3 provided CB’s Nuts with loans for equipment, inventory, leasehold improvements and to refinance debt. This loan was made possible with support from the Communities at Work Fund and utilizing a SBA Community Advantage loan guarantee.

Our investment in CB’s Nuts strengthens economic and ecological resilience by supporting economic growth, investing in critical industries and minimizing impacts of business on nature.

CB’s Nuts, a value-added processing business, created or retained 10 jobs and minimizes environmental impacts. Learn more at