August 20, 2015

Discount Vac & Sew

Kennewick, Washington

Discount Vac & Sew

U.S. Army veteran Ginny Hildreth has a passion for fabric, quilting in particular. Craft3 provided Ginny with a loan to purchase Discount Vac and Sew utilizing the SBA Community Advantage Loan program.

U.S. Army veteran Ginny Hildreth has a passion for fabric — quilting in particular. She also has a passion for her community. So when she was able to combine the two by finding a job at Discount Vac & Sew, a 50-year-old vacuum and sewing business in Kennewick, it was a dream come true.

Right away, Ginny jumped in — making improvements to how the store was run and expanding programs. She started offering in-store custom quilt and longarm work, a service long-desired by the Tri-Cities quilting community. She also gave local children an opportunity to give back to their community through a Blankets of Love sew-in. Both activities have helped to increase business and class attendance.

And then, an opportunity arose. The owners of Discount Vac & Sew decided they were ready to sell the business. Ginny thought she was a perfect fit to be the new owner, but when she went looking for financing, she found it difficult to obtain. Many of the potential investors felt that quilting was on the decline, and yet Ginny had seen it growing by leaps and bounds and expanding into younger generations during her time at Discount Vac & Sew. She was relieved when SNAP Financial Access directed her to Craft3.

Craft3 stepped up, taking a hard look at Ginny’s industry knowledge and sales projections. Our lender and underwriter saw potential, and as a result, Craft3 was able to provide a SBA Community Advantage Loan. The world of financing isn’t just dollars and cents. Craft3 looks for what an entrepreneur wants their business to become and helps them get there.