August 20, 2018

Golden Saffron Co.

North Plains, Oregon

Golden Saffron Co.

Tanya Golden founded Golden Saffron Co., drawing over 20 years of experience as an herbalist and farmer. With a grant from USDA and bridge financing from Craft3, Tanya will soon be selling saffron grown using sustainable practices.
Growing up on a farm taught Tanya Golden everything she needed to know about being a sustainable farmer. That’s why Tanya founded Golden Saffron Co. in 2018, drawing over 20 years of experience as an herbalist and farmer. From laying the foundations of the greenhouses and crop beds to hand picking each stem, Tanya brings joy and passion to her work.

While Tanya had the know-how, she lacked the start-up capital to launch her business. She was off to a great start when she won two grants through the USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program, which offers financial assistance to help agricultural producers implement practices that keep lands healthy and productive. This program aligned with her land management and conservation values, as well as reverence for the land.

Although these grants provide Tanya with $23,000 for high tunnels and cover crops, the grants only reimburse for expenses and did not provide for other start-up costs. Needing additional financing but unsure about where to turn, Tanya came to Craft3 for a small business loan that made her start-up dream possible.

Craft3 stepped in with a $38,000 loan for equipment, inventory, working capital and bridge financing to purchase high tunnels until Tanya received her USDA reimbursement. Throughout the process — application to funding — Craft3’s lending team worked with her at each stage. Thankful, Tanya shared, “I am lucky to have all the folks around me who are taking time to help me figure it all out.”

Soon, Tanya will be selling saffron grown using sustainable practices to a cider producer on the Oregon coast, at farmer’s markets, and directly to restaurants.