May 4, 2018

Memories @ Martinez Farm

Milton Freewater, Oregon

Memories @ Martinez Farm

When Marisol started family-operated Memories @ Martinez Farm she wasn't ready for bank capital. Craft3 stepped in with a $25,000 loan to purchase onion sorting equipment and inventory for the 2018 season.
In her early twenties, Marisol Becerra began harvesting asparagus, tomatoes, corn and bell peppers on her father’s 50-acre farm in the Walla Walla Valley. It wasn’t until her father was injured just before harvest that she realized farming was more than a job, it was her passion. Without hesitation, Marisol stepped in to fill her father’s shoes - managing crews, monitoring soil and watering. At the end of that season, she said to herself, “I think I can do this.”

And she did. Marisol started family-operated Memories @ Martinez Farm, specializing in the wholesale distribution of Locati Farms-grown sweet onions to produce stands in Portland and throughout NE Oregon and SE Washington.

She needed financing, though – and she wasn’t ready for bank capital. That need is what led her to a panel at the Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce. Presenting that day? Walter Acuña, one of Craft3’s business lenders. She called him that afternoon to get the ball rolling.

Craft3 stepped in to help Memories @ Martinez Farms with a $25,000 loan to purchase onion sorting equipment and inventory from Locati Farm for the 2018 season. And it was made possible with capital support from Kelley Family Foundation.

Now that she is up and running, what’s next for Marisol and Memories @ Martinez Farms? She has her sight set on Pike Place Market in Seattle!