July 25, 2017

Washington Timbers Football Club

Vancouver, Washington

Washington Timbers Football Club

Craft3 provided Washington Timbers Football Club with loans to make lighting and facilities improvements, which will reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent.
Sean Janson was among the first kids to play soccer for the Washington Timbers Football Club in the early 80s. And when his parents visited the Harmony Sports Complex fields three decades later, right after Sean became the club’s Executive Director, he was embarrassed to hear them say, “Everything looks just the same!”

The Club had discussed making improvements for nearly 20 years. But because the property is leased from the county and club fees come in seasonally, there was little collateral or steady income stream to secure financing.

Craft3 considered Sean’s projections and the growing popularity of soccer before making our first loan to the club in 2015, enabling it to lay down two new turf fields and install the lighting. In 2017, Sean approached Craft3 again to make further lighting and facilities improvements. With support from the Washington State Clean Energy Fund, Craft3 was able to approve a second loan.

We’re proud to be their partner in Southwest Washington, and look forward to rooting on the Timbers on their new fields, as they play under new energy efficient lights that are reducing costs by up to 50 percent. It’s the sort of win-win we look for when working with businesses in Oregon and Washington.

The Washington Timbers Football Club has both recreational and “Academy” teams in Vancouver and the Camas-Washougal area. Learn more at www.washingtontimbers.com.