March 28, 2017

Zillah Oakes Inn

Zillah, Washington

Zillah Oakes Inn

Craft3 provided a loan to Doug and Pam that enabled them to move forward with energy saving ideas for Zillah Oakes Inn.
When Doug and Pam Lakman started planning Zillah Oakes Inn, a seven-room boutique hotel in the Yakima Valley, Pam was adamant they include solar panels. She had studied solar energy in college and wondered if it was possible to generate enough power to run the entire inn. With almost 300 days of sun each year, it seemed like a missed opportunity not to try. The answer was “pretty darn close”. Installation of 36 panels would produce about 90 percent of the energy needed to run the Inn. In sunnier years, Zillah Oakes Inn may even generate a surplus of power, which they could then sell back to Pacific Power.

With a strong business plan in hand, the couple easily secured a construction loan, but the loan couldn’t accommodate the extra expense to purchase and install solar panels, or pay for the additional energy and water saving measures they wanted to implement. But their banker recalled hearing of an alternative lender that prioritized loans for clean energy projects and connected the Lakman’s with Craft3.

Craft3 appreciates entrepreneurs who consider the environment, as well as their pocket book, when making business decisions. So we provided a loan to Doug and Pam that enabled them to move forward with their energy saving ideas. Not only does Zillah Oakes Inn now have solar panels installed on its roof, but it also has low-flow fixtures, low-flush toilets and energy-efficient ceiling fans.