Jane Repensek

she / her / hers
Chief Financial Officer
“Working for an organization that makes direct investments and provides loans to capital-starved groups, individuals and communities, feels really good. It’s the kind of lending I've always wanted to do.”

Jane oversees Finance and Information Technology and is responsible for guiding Craft3 so that it succeeds both financially and strategically. Before joining Craft3, Jane served as the CFO and COO for the Seattle Opera and Seattle Foundation. Prior to that, she held financial roles in nonprofits, financial institutions (banks, credit union, insurance, public accounting), and corporations (manufacturing, printing, consulting).

For Jane, it is the opportunity of a lifetime to work for an organization that provides debt to individuals, organizations, and communities that are capital-starved. “In some prior roles, employers sat on a pile of capital that frequently went to organizations that least needed it. To me, this is a great paradox of commercial banking and philanthropy. Craft3 gets to make a real difference.”

Outside of work, Jane serves on the board of the Center for Women and Democracy (CWD), a women's leadership organization, and is also active with Seattle Opera, Cancer Lifeline, and Special Olympics Washington. Curious and energetic, Jane strives to “have interests that age with me.” Currently that means, deepening her knowledge of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers; refining her tennis serve; understanding more about the implications and applications of AI; expanding into amateur astronomy; and experimenting with growing more of her own vegetables."