Jena Ross

Clean Water Program Manager, VP
"I’ve had borrowers send me recipes for a beloved family dish, reminding me that every applicant is a person that I have gotten to know and help."

As a Clean Water Lender, Jena typically receives calls from stressed homeowners trying to understand their options for replacing failing (and costly) septic systems. Jena is a calming and expert resource for homeowners, as she manages each project and works with owners, contractors, and health departments across Washington and Oregon.

“I love hearing back from borrowers whose loan has closed, and they just want to let me know how the septic repair went. Many of our borrowers live on a fixed income and may not have the option of going to a bank for funding. Keeping these families in their homes and cleaning up the environment is work that I am very proud to support.”

Jena has worked with Craft3 since 2009, and previously was Branch Manager at Raymond Federal Bank in Long Beach, Washington for 20 years. When not at work, you will find her cheering on her grandkids at their many sporting events.