Maggie Reilly

she / her / hers
Sr. Business Lender, VP
"I believe in the transformative impact we can have in our communities to make them more livable, resilient, equitable and just."

Let’s get this out of the way: Maggie is a rabble-rouser. “Challenging the status quo energizes me because it's the status quo that resulted in the economic, social and environmental conditions that we are trying to change today.” She’s also a skilled Business Lender, and since 2020 has led Craft3’s work on the JPMorgan Chase’s AdvancingCities initiative, which aims to foster inclusive, equitable growth and create greater economic opportunity.

Collaboration is Maggie’s particular pleasure. “My favorite days are ones where I'm working on a credit with an underwriter. It's a blend of putting together a puzzle and going on a backpacking trip with just a guidebook and no map. I also love working with other non-profits in community, whether alongside them as a lender to help them achieve their goals, or in step with them as a partner where we leverage each other's resources and strengths.”

Maggie has spent her entire career in community development. She joined Craft3 in 2017. She is fluent in Spanish and volunteers her time as a Board member with Verde, Adelante Mujeres, and Initiative for Rural Innovation and Stewardship. She’s a proud Pennsylvanian and a keen explorer of all there is to learn.