Roxann Bergeron

Credit Risk Administrator, VP
"Family is the most important thing to me. I enjoy watching the next generation grow."

Credit and Risk Administration happen mostly behind the scenes and Roxann especially enjoys when she can share in the excitement of a new business launch. Her tenure in the department and deep knowledge make her an invaluable organizational asset, and interacting with co-workers keeps her spirits high.

Roxann grew up in the Portland-Vancouver area (go Fort Vancouver High School!) and then worked and traveled extensively across the U.S. for 10 years, before returning to Oregon to raise her family. “In moving around so much, I came to realize that people across the country share many of the same family and community values. One-on-one I can connect and get along with almost anyone, even those who may have very different political views.”

Roxann joined Craft3 in 2008, after working at banks both large and small. As retirement nears, she’s turning her thoughts to California, where she’ll move to join her daughter. More solo travel is on her horizon, and more time working on puzzles and volunteering with like-minded animal lovers.