Sherry Gamble

she / her / hers
Human Resources Specialist
"I am proud that we hire talented employees based on their skills and experiences, instead of relying solely on their degrees and certifications. This helps ensure that our job openings are open to ALL people."

While many Craft3 employees are focused outward on achieving mission-related impacts, Sherry has long been focused internally on taking care of employees. Everyone has questions regarding payroll, benefits, company procedures and numerous other topics, and Sherry’s calm handling of 10,000 questions per year (approximately) has a positive impact on the entire company.

Sherry is one of the first contacts for every new employee, and she enjoys welcoming and getting to know each of them. She focuses on aligning individual performance metrics with organizational goals and ensuring that this process helps develop and empower our individuals and teams.

Sherry was born and raised in Western Washington and returned to the Lower Columbia to be closer to her family. She joined Craft3 in 2010 and is an avid gardener of both food and flowers, canning or otherwise preserving much of what she grows.