Teresa Parriett

she / her / hers
Controller, VP
"Pathways for hope are the core of thriving communities. Craft3 uses capital to improve lives and spark hope. Being part of that work is healing to my soul."

In her roles with the Finance Team and the Anti-Racism committee, Teresa’s commitment to being of service is clear. “I know what it feels like to wish for systemic barriers to be dismantled. Craft3 invests in underserved communities to catalyze growth and tackle racial inequality - we help communities thrive.”

Teresa was drawn to Craft3 at a time when she was ready for professional change. “I was looking for a nonprofit because I wanted to work for an organization that helped people, and Craft3’s mission is in alignment with my own beliefs. I was sold on Craft3 after talking to Mark Stevenson, I had never heard anyone speak so highly of an organization and company culture as he did!”

Teresa joined Craft3 in 2019 and has extensive professional experience as a corporate accountant and Chief Financial Officer. She is an active volunteer and mentor, currently serving on the Board of Girls, Inc. of the Pacific NW. “I chose this board because their mission aligns with my personal goals; I’ve always been passionate about the well-being of girls my entire life because I was that girl….I AM that girl.”