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Lending to businesses and individuals that strengthen communities.

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Home Energy Loans

To make your home more energy efficient

Clean Water Loans

To repair or replace failing septic systems on your property

Ada Developers Academy Loans

To finance living expenses during participation in Ada Developers Academy

Business Loans

To finance business start-up and expansion

Conservation Loans

To finance projects that protect habitat and ensure clean water


Nonprofit Loans

To finance projects that provide essential services

Clean Energy Loan
Clean Energy Loans

To finance innovation and growth for commercial clean energy businesses


Are you a business or homeowner in need of a loan? Craft3 can help.

We lend to businesses and nonprofits throughout Oregon and Washington

We specialize in loans to growing businesses that need working capital

In many counties we offer affordable loans to homeowners for septic system repair or energy upgrades

We take pride in working with borrowers that believe in our mission and want to strengthen their community

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