Washington Clean Water Loans

Our clean water loans help hundreds of Washington homeowners annually.

A septic system failure can be a crisis. Our simple and accessible financing can be a lifeline. Craft3 Clean Water Loans work for a variety of households.

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Financing to Fit

Borrow the entire cost of eligible design, permitting and installation. Lower interest rates for qualified lower-income borrowers.

Simple Terms

No up-front loan fees or pre-payment penalties. Perfect credit not required. Competitive interest rates.

Convenient Repayment

If required, make automated payments directly from your bank account.

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CLean Water Loans

Experience and Dedication

This program is made possible thanks to the support of many public and private funders and organizations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the State of Washington.

Additional grant funding that can lower your project costs may be available. We will notify you of this as part of the standard application process.

We have helped nearly 2,000 Washington homeowners repair or replace their septic systems, stay in their homes, and keep local waters clean. We answer your questions, help you every step of the way, and troubleshoot any challenges. We look forward to working with you!


If your property is in Washington, you’re eligible to borrow up to the full cost of your septic repair or replacement. In addition, at least one of the following must apply:

  • Your septic system is at least 25 years old
  • Your system is failing
  • You’ve been contacted by local health officials
  • You are under orders to fix your system

Rates & Terms

  • Competitive interest rates with lower rates for lower-income borrowers
  • Deferred payment options may be available for lower-income borrowers
  • Grant funding may be available for certain lower-income households


  • Borrow up to the full cost of your septic repair or replacement, including all eligible design, permitting and installation costs
  • No upfront costs required
  • Covers all eligible design, permitting and installation costs
  • Includes a $2,000 reserve to fund ongoing maintenance

As of April 1, 2024, certain owner-occupied households may be eligible for a grant to reduce their loan amount. We will notify you of your eligibility as part of the application process.

Annual Household Income and Occupancy
Interest Rate
Up to $45,000
and owner-occupied
Deferred payments**
Interest-only payments***
Fully-amortized payments
Up to 15 years
Deferred payment option:

15-year term, $24,000 loan at 2.49% (2.79% APR).
No monthly payments for 179 months.
Balloon payment of $34,050.27 due on 180th month.
Up to $65,000
and owner-occupied
Interest-only payments***
Fully-amortized payments
Up to 15 years
Interest-only payment option:

15-year term, $24,000 loan at 4.49% (4.83% APR).
$97.22 interest payments for 179 months.
Balloon payment of $24,992.22 due on 180th month.
Greater than $65,000
- or -
non-owner occupied,
secondary home
Fully-amortized payments
Up to 15 years
Fully-amortized repayment:

15-year term, $24,000 loan at 6.49% (6.87% APR).
$270.87 principal and interest payments for 180 months.
No balloon payment.

* APR, Annual Percentage Rate based on example loan criteria.
** Deferred Payment option maximum loan amount is $50,000 and maximum loan-to-value is 100 percent.
*** Interest-only Payment option maximum loan amount is $50,000 and maximum loan-to-value of 100 percent.
**** Loan availability, terms and conditions current as of 04.01.2024 and are subject to change. Examples include financing of Craft3 $895 loan fee. All loan applications are subject to credit, property, and project approval. Maximum loan amount and Loan to Value apply and are subject to equity value and underwriting requirements for all programs. Loans are secured by a UCC-1A filing recorded with the county. Subordination may be available with lender approval, fees may apply. Principal balance and interest (if applicable) is due on sale, transfer, refinance or maturity. Due to Clean Water Loan funding sources, financed projects require a cultural resource review by the Department of Ecology. If a designation is made, the property owner will be responsible for costs incurred.

Financing Your Septic Project With Craft3

Craft3 supports homeowners every step of the way. Here's how it works.

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Cultural Resources Review

If you live in Washington, projects must be assessed by the Washington State Department of Ecology for any potential adverse effects to cultural resources, such as archeological objects, or historic properties. This review takes approximately 30 days. If surveying or monitoring are required, your project will incur additional costs, which can be financed through your Craft3 loan.


Work with your designer or engineer to design your septic system. Your designer will submit the design to the county for approval, the county will issue the permit, and your contractor will initiate and complete installation.

NOTE: Your contractor must be approved by your area’s health jurisdiction to conduct septic system replacement work. Contact your local health jurisdiction for a list of approved contractors.


Securely sign your electronic loan documents. By request, document signing is also available by mail.


When your loan documents are signed, your contractor can get to work. Once you have final county approval, final record drawing/as-built is provided and the work is completed to your satisfaction, you authorize final payment to your contractor.


Repay your loan with automated payments from your bank account.

Additional Resources

Washington State Department of Health’s web resources on Septic Systems.

Washington State Department of Ecology’s webpage on Cultural Resource Review.

Download the Clean Water Loan brochure in English or Español for Washington homeowners or the  Clean Water Loan FAQ that answers the questions most commonly asked.

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Customer Stories

Replacing a Failing Septic System on a Fixed Income

A 25-year US Air Force Veteran, Chris didn’t have $22,000 to fix his septic system. A Craft3 Clean Water Loan made it happen.

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When you repay your loan, we use that money to make other loans. This allows us to serve more homeowners. Over time, this makes a big difference for communities, local economies and the environment.

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