Measuring Our Impact

Since 1994, we’ve been measuring and evaluating the outputs and outcomes of our lending.

Craft3 works towards a Pacific Northwest that is thriving, just, and empowered, where communities, individuals, and ecosystems prosper. While our primary tool is capital — lending and other investments — we also build relationships and amplify the voices of others.

Making A Difference

Investments that Build a Better Future

Loans are investments in the future. Loan by loan, Craft3 has been making a difference. Starting from a single office, we’ve grown into the largest CDFI loan fund in Oregon and Washington.

Note: All data presented below are through 12/31/2022.

data chart

Making a difference

Business Loans that Unlock Opportunity

Craft3 loans launch startups, help businesses and nonprofits expand, and finance community facilities. Very often we make loans to borrowers denied access to traditional financing.

Map of commercial loan production

$624 Million

Since 1994, Craft3 has made over 1,800 commercial loans and New Markets Tax Credits investments totaling $624 million.


Expanding Access to Capital

Since 1994, Craft3 has made almost 1,000 loans to entrepreneurs of color and indigenous-, woman-, immigrant- and veteran-owned businesses. In 2022, Craft3 made over $42 million in commercial loans.

Making a difference

Loans for Homeowners

Craft3 loans enable homeowners to invest in their homes, whether by making energy efficiency improvements, building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or making an emergency septic repair.

Map of commercial loan production

$132.6 Million

Since 1994, Craft3 has made 8,212 loans to homeowners totaling $132.6 million. These loans have strengthened $2.26 billion of local real estate.


Customer Stories

Our customers are remarkable and inspiring. Their ideas, energy, and visions are creating jobs, strengthening communities, and building financial stability.


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