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Craft3 partners with bankers across Oregon and Washington.

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If you have a loan you’d like to make but can’t, Craft3 may be able to help. As a nonprofit lender, we often can make loans banks can’t. We can take more risk and work with borrowers who aren’t ready for bank financing.

Craft3 is a nonprofit lender that makes loans in Oregon and Washington — often to those that don’t qualify for traditional financing. We use capital as a tool for social good — to build resilience, lessen the racial wealth
gap and expand economic opportunity.

We can’t make every deal, but we can often lend to businesses that don’t meet a bank’s requirements. Like any lender, we want to make sure we get paid back. So long as it’s a business or nonprofit that you believe can succeed, we’re interested in learning more.


How to Make a Referral

Have a loan you want to make but can’t? Send it to us. If the potential borrower qualifies with us, we’ll take the loan risk and you keep the deposit and primary relationship. When the time is right for the borrower to transition to a traditional lender, we’ll refer them back to you.


Connect with Craft3

As soon as you have an inkling that this is a loan you can’t make, give us a call and tell us what you know.


Make an introduction

You’ll stay in the conversation, and your client will appreciate the gesture.


We’ll keep in touch

As your referral progresses, we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop. And, if we are able to offer them financing, we hope to be in a position to refer the business back to you.

Refer Today

If you already know a Craft3 lender, please reach out directly.

If not, please use the Contact Craft3 form below to send us a message. We’ll get back to you within two business days.

Looking for information on how your bank can invest in Craft3 and receive Community Reinvestment Act credit? Click here >

For Bankers

Types of Deals We Can Consider

Good business, bad credit

Craft3 has been able to approve loans to entrepreneurs with sub-600 credit scores, so long as there’s a good explanation and the business is promising.

Real estate loans

Purchasing a building can be a giant step forward for a business. Craft3 can finance the purchase of commercial real estate, often at much higher LTV than traditional lenders. Learn more >

Limited or no collateral

Entrepreneurs with limited equity often can’t qualify for financing. Craft3 can consider low or no-collateral loans.


Business owners without access to friends and family capital can have trouble getting a business off the ground. Craft3 can lend to startups that have a clear path to profitability and the skills needed to get there.

Incomplete financials

Many small business owners don’t keep perfect records. If the business is strong, Craft3 can work with entrepreneurs with
incomplete financials.

Bridge financing for established nonprofits

Nonprofits can have a hard time accessing capital. Craft3 can help bridge grant awards or capital campaigns for established nonprofits and help them better serve their communities. Learn more >

* Businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color may qualify for lower rates and special terms

For bankers


For Businesses


Craft3 construction loans can empower you to take advantage of opportunities to customize a space or undertake a building project.

For Businesses

Bridge Financing

Timely bridge financing can enable nonprofits to get started on projects – or to take advantage of an opportunity – before a capital campaign is complete or grant funding has been received.

For Bankers

Shari’a-Compliant Commercial Real Estate Financing

If you have a client who's looking for Shari’a-Compliant Real Estate Financing, Craft3 may be able to help.

For Bankers

Strategic Plan 2023-2027

“Capital, Relationships, and Voice: Investing in Communities and Change.” Craft3’s plan for building a stronger Pacific Northwest.

For Bankers

Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate

If you have a business client who's looking to purchase their building and doesn't meet your bank's requirement, Craft3 may be able to help with a OOCRE Loan.

For Bankers

Craft3 Referral Guide

We can’t do every deal, but we can often lend to businesses that don’t meet your bank’s requirements. Check out our referral guide to determine if your client would be a good fit for Craft3.

For Bankers

Business Loans up to $250,000: Overview

If you have a business client that doesn't meet your bank’s requirements, see how Craft3 may be able to help with a loan up to $250,000.

Customer Stories

Burch Energy Services

When Burch Energy Services, an existing customer, came back to Craft3 to take out a loan to let them build out an office space, we looked again at their finances. They looked ready for traditional bank financing, so we referred the deal and the entire banking relationship to Summit Bank. Everyone wins!

Our Team

“As a banker, I often found myself saying, “No,” to good people with good ideas. Craft3, a mission-driven community development financial institution, can take more risks and make loans banks can’t. For example, we’re often able to finance good businesses with “bad” credit, so long as there’s strong business opportunity and plausible explanations for any credit blemishes.”

Turner Waskom
Chief Lending Officer, EVP