Partnership Opportunities

Craft3 is always looking for new partners. We seek relationships with local and regional partners, particularly within and those that serve communities of color, and rural and Tribal communities.


Impactful Partnerships

Ever since our founding in 1994, we have built and relied upon partnerships. Unexpected alliances, innovative collaborations, and long-term partnerships have helped us be more effective and impactful, and to grow and learn. We believe that by working in partnership we can accomplish great things and create a thriving, just and empowered Pacific Northwest.

Advocacy and Voice

Craft3 seeks opportunities to promote and amplify the voices of communities of color, rural and Tribal communities, and climate-vulnerable communities, in decision-making around the allocation of resources and development of policies that impact these communities. We seek to use our standing and relationships to engage and speak out about our beliefs in concert with these communities, and to share concepts that work with other practitioners, policymakers, and advocacy groups. If you would like to collaborate on such efforts, please reach out using the form below.


Institutions, including banks, foundations, and others often refer potential borrowers who are unable to access capital from traditional sources to Craft3. If you believe our loan products or services may be a good fit for your clients or constituents, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might help. You can also learn more by visiting our Tools for Bankers page.

Credit Enhancements and Loan Guarantees

Government agencies and other partners that offer loan loss reserves or loan guarantees for the benefit of certain underserved borrowers can partner with Craft3. In such partnerships, we look for opportunities where greater impact can be achieved with additional risk sharing or mitigation.

Loan Participations and Sales

Other regulated and non-regulated lenders, including CDFIs, community lenders, banks, and credit unions, can partner with Craft3, to purchase a portion of a loan or a package of loans. Craft3 typically services the loan(s) on behalf of the participating lender(s) for a fee and distributes interest and principal payments on a pro-rata basis. Participating lenders are obligated to conduct independent due diligence and not rely on Craft3’s underwriting of the loan in making their investment decision.


Connect with Craft3

If you have a question, please use the form below to email us. We aim to respond within two business days.

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Our Team

"In my work at Craft3, I get to raise capital to help make community and economic development outcomes possible, most especially for underserved communities. That work means so much to me!"

Maggie Kirby Weiland
Chief Development Officer, EVP