Septic financing when you need it

Clean Water Loans

Finance your septic repair or replacement with a Craft3 Clean Water Loan.

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Septic repairs are often urgent, unexpected, and costly. Craft3’s affordable and accessible septic financing helps homeowners stay in their homes.

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Financing to Fit

Borrow the entire cost of eligible design, permitting and installation. Lower interest rates for qualified lower-income borrowers.

Simple Terms

No up-front loan fees or pre-payment penalties. Perfect credit not required. Competitive interest rates.

Convenient Repayment

If required, make automated payments directly from your bank account.


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Customer Stories

Financing a New Septic System for Charles and Sharon

“Even on just Social Security income, we make too much money to qualify for a grant program that would have helped us take care of things. We really were coming up blank and didn’t have any idea where we could go to get help — until we found the Craft3 Clean Water Loan.” – Charles and Sharon

Making a difference

Investing in Homeowners

In 2022, Craft3 made over $15.6 million in loans to homeowners. 27% of dollars were to low-income homeowners, 25% to people of color, and 75% to women.

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For Contractors

We partner with contractors across Washington and Oregon. Visit our Contractor Resources page for more information.

Our Team

"What does a great day at work look like? Being able to say “YES” to someone who comes to us believing there isn’t any hope."

Jennifer Dow
Consumer Lending Lead