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Supporting our team

Published on
June 17, 2024
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Read about steps we’re taking to invest in our team, prevent burnout, and rest and recharge

We’re pleased to announce new steps to help prevent burnout at Craft3 and give our team time to rest and recharge.

We are doing this because conversations with staff, survey results, and anecdotal impressions are very clear: too many on our team have been running too hard and not feeling sufficiently supported.

The following changes are an effort to offer some respite, expand how we support our workforce, and build a stronger and more sustainable culture over the long term. These changes prioritize employee needs and work-life balance so that we have the focus, energy, and creativity to provide the best possible service to our customers and communities.

  • Companywide rest. For 2024, we will close from July 1st through 5th, and December 23rd through 27th. By slowing down together, our team will be able to recharge and enjoy time off.
  • Expanding parental leave. We’re tripling our parental leave benefit, to twelve weeks, to give new parents time to bond with their little ones and navigate this important but potentially stressful transition.
  • Expanding bereavement leave. We are simplifying and expanding bereavement leave to seven days per calendar year, and ensuring it can be used for the loss of chosen family and not just immediate relatives.
  • Wellness. We’re increasing and simplifying our existing gym/fitness benefit, and expanding it to include reimbursement for wellness activities.

We’re also taking steps to shift our work culture. These steps will give our team more support in the workplace, opportunities for advancement, and the headspace for strategic thinking and tasks that require focus. 

  • Supporting supervisors. We’re rebuilding our approach to training and supporting our supervisors. We’ll create consistency in supervision across the organization, better empower our employees, and push decision-making authorities down wherever possible.
  • Performance. A new performance management system will launch in 2024, replacing software that is more than a decade old. The new system will give employees and supervisors better ways to track performance, grow in their roles, and align across teams.
  • Career pathways. We’re continuing work begun over the past few years to rethink job descriptions and ensure there are clear career pathways for employees seeking to advance within Craft3.
  • No meeting Wednesdays. We’re rethinking how we communicate, conduct meetings, and collaborate. A key part of this effort is piloting a day with no internal meetings. We hope this will give our employees more time to focus and do independent work without being pulled in different directions.

These changes are a significant shift in how Craft3 does business – all with the goal of better supporting our employees so that they can better support you, our customers and partners.

Thank you for your understanding and support!