Linda Nettekoven

she / her / hers

Linda joined the Board in 2011 and currently chairs the Governance and Nomination Committee. Her watch involves both Board makeup and functioning with an eye to succession and recruitment. The Committee helps the CEO and Board identify the skills and experiences they need in Board membership to help guide Craft3 through whatever growth and change may come. Linda’s antennae are always searching for new Board members while trying to ensure we are drawing fully on the skills of our current, amazing Board.

Linda brings deep experience in community development, much of which has focused on growing and changing neighborhoods in Portland. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Oregon with a combined emphasis in health, organizational, and community psychology and additional coursework in planning, public policy and management.

Linda explains why the Craft3 Board has been such a good fit for her: “Working with Craft3 allows me to focus on a number of my lifelong priorities in a wonderfully integrated fashion that brings together inclusive approaches to community and economic development in both rural and urban settings, and a concern for the natural environment with an emphasis on the impacts of climate change.”