Mary Houghton

she / her / hers

Mary Houghton has served on the Board of Directors since 1995. Her expertise in finance, banking, lending, management, and economic and community development is a huge asset for Craft3. In 1973, Mary co-founded ShoreBank Corporation, the nation's first certified community development financial institution, in Chicago. In partnership with community-based conservation organization Ecotrust, ShoreBank founders formed Craft3 to test their shared idea that economic development, positive social outcomes, and environmental sustainability could go hand in hand if you used capital as a tool for good.

Mary has received many awards over her career, including being named the 2004 “Community Banker of the Year” by American Banker magazine for her work making ShoreBank “the gold standard of community development banks."

Mary was excited to join the Board because Craft3 is “committed to broadening access to capital for small business owners, especially in low-income markets.” Mary’s always thoughtful advice, her wise perspectives, and her courage have proven invaluable.