Paul Benoit


Paul’s experience serving as the Community Development Director for the City of Astoria, and later as the City Manager, gives him a unique perspective on both the history and the future of Craft3. “I have lived rural for more than 40 years and have experienced firsthand the transformative power of thoughtful access to capital coupled with an eye on equity and what matters most to the individuals or population being served.” In the 1990s, Paul worked with Craft3 on the redevelopment of the Astoria Plywood Mill site and this convinced him of the uniqueness and value of our mission.

Paul currently Chairs our Board and brings his valuable perspectives gained from working with a rural community and serving in city government. Despite a long history with Craft3, Paul remains unbridled in his enthusiasm: “I am still excited to be part of Craft3. The passion, commitment and intelligence of the staff; the creativity and willingness to take thoughtful risks on projects that have the capacity to truly change lives and improve communities; and the honest and enthusiastic approach to the mission and the work — all of that has kept me hooked.”