Shivon Brite


Shivon joined the Board in 2022 and brings deep experience in health equity, community development, financial empowerment, and fundraising. As a board member Shivon provides oversight and support for the organization's leadership team and works collaboratively with other Board members to advance the organization's goals.

With a long history of creating effective strategic solutions and scaling, Shivon is well-equipped to help improve health equity and address complex social impact issues. As CEO/President of Namákota and previously as Executive Vice President of Empire Health Foundation, she has driven positive change and made a lasting impact in diverse communities. Additionally, Shivon has a wealth of experience in raising funding and developing successful initiatives in diverse communities, making her well-equipped to understand the financial empowerment needs of underrepresented populations.

Shivon is an enrolled member of the Assiniboine people from the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. Her dedication to Indian self-determination and cultural competence has earned her recognition as an advocate for these communities.