Aldo Medina Martinez

he / him / él
Business Services Program Lead, VP
"Small businesses are the heart of our local economies, that is why my life’s work revolves around empowering immigrant and folks of color to leverage entrepreneurship to create vibrant communities and build wealth for their families."

Aldo leads Craft3’s Business Services Program, providing client-centered business coaching in English and Spanish. Growing up in a working-class neighborhood where people were often unfairly impacted by systemic barriers, he developed a passion for helping immigrants and other people of color learn how to build assets and generational wealth.

Outside of work, Aldo enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, hiking, camping and making home-cooked meals. He is an immigrant and is proud of his Mexican heritage and looks forward to sharing it with his daughter as she grows older.

Prior to joining Craft3 in 2021, Aldo worked with Hacienda CDC as the Mercado Programs Director and a Business Advising Program Manager. He has also worked in California organizing small businesses against community displacement, and providing personal financial coaching using behavioral economics. Aldo is a proud 2019 NALCAB Pete Garcia Community Economic Development Fellow.